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Leading Innovation in Ecommerce based on Blockchain 3.0

Welcome to the Best Buy Link (BBLink) platform.
A revolution combining blockchain 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing.

Our Advantages

A trusted platfrom based on blockchain 3.0

  • BestBuyLink’s Blockchian 3.0 uses smart contracts to create a trustworthy intermediary platform to ensure the benefits of transactions.
  • Providing a secure and convenient solution for simplifying token payment processes, to speed up the adoption of crypto-payments into everyday life, and to keep the control of funds solely in the users’ hands.

BBL Token global useful payment: 

  • BBL Token is a safe, secure, and lowcost way for people to make payments and transfer money efficiently around the world.

Affiliate Marketing 

  • It’s easy and quick to join
  • Best Buy Link creates an optimal affiliate marketing policy that helps users grow quickly, creating a strong global user community.
  • With our powerful auto system, participants will have a big oppurturnity to make money in a very efficiency system.

Artificial Intelligence

  • BBLink Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce will impact the productivity metrics such as increased transactions, customer retention, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • With BB AI Smart Trading Bot, we offers you daily market research and forecast based on our big data from crypto currency market

BB Artificial Intelligence Trading Bots

BBLink – Blockchain 3.0

With Best Buy Link, We aim at a multi-chain system of blockchain where users can
utilize BBLink for both private blockchain and public blockchain.

Key Technology

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